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P2P Lending Review
Peer to Peer Lending Review
Peer to Peer Lending Review

Top 3 P2P Lending Sites for 2017

After researching the market, these are the top P2P sites that we've had the pleasure of using:

Crowd 2 Fund

Crowd2Fund receives our top ranking, unlike most of the bigger players, Crowd2Fund are already authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to offer the new innovative finance ISA, a tightly regulated UK government scheme launched in 2016 to allow savers to lend within their ISA umbrella.


If you haven't already opened an ISA this tax year, you can save with Crowd2Fund and not pay any tax on interest you earn or any future interest reinvested within your account.


The cherry on the cake is that Crowd2fund to date* have never lost a single penny of their lenders' money. Since we began using the site only one business we have lent to failed to make their repayments and in this case, Crowd2fund stepped in refunding both our lost funds and lost interest. 


What interest rate does Crowd2Fund estimate lenders will receive?

8.7%* (APR)


What interest rate after fees and losses are you currently earning with Crowd2fund?

9.18%* (APR)


Are there any perks?

Many of the businesses borrowing on Crowd2Fund offer rewards to investors ranging from free products to heavy discounts.


Can I automate my lending?

Crowd2fund has a "Smart-Reinvestment" feature that lets you choose to automatically reinvest repayments you receive based on a minimum interest rate that you select.


Can I access my money early?

Crowd2Fund has a secondary market that lets you resell your loan parts if you need your money sooner than expected. As Crowd2Fund is a relatively new provider it may take some time to find buyers for your loan parts, so only use this provider if you're happy to loan your money for the full term.


*Accurate as of 11/04/2017

Funding Circle

Funding Circle comes second in our rankings due to their vast portfolio of loans to choose from, efficient marketplace for reselling loans, rich loan data and beautifully designed platform.


Having thousands of businesses available to lend to allows you to spread your lending thinly reducing your risk, and a busy marketplace means you can access your money fast if you need it earlier than expected.


What interest rate after fees and losses does Funding Circle estimate lenders will receive?

7.1%* (APR)


What interest rate after fees and losses are you currently earning with Funding Circle?

8.8%* (APR)


Are there any perks?

Join through the link below to earn £50 cashback.


Can I automate my lending?

Funding Circle has an advanced "Autobid" option that lets you select minimum interest rates for different loan classes. The tool automatically bids on loans for you based on the settings you choose.


Can I access my money early?

As Funding Circle is one of the largest operators you shouldn't have any problems reselling your loan parts if you need early access to your funds. You can even add a premium to your resold loan parts to make a quick profit, or sell them at a discount to ensure they sell as quickly as possible.


*Accurate as of 11/4/2017

Rate Setter

Coming in at third place, RateSetter is the perfect choice for the hands-off, risk averse investor. Functioning closer to a bank than your average P2P platform, simply pay in your money and Ratesetter does everything for you. Note, that what you gain in convenience, you lose in the poorer interest rate. Still, it's worth investing £1000 with Ratesetter in order to pocket their £50 cashback offer.


What interest rate after fees and losses does RateSetter estimate lenders will receive?

5.2% (APR)


What interest rate after fees and losses are you currently earning with RateSetter?

5.8% (APR)


Are there any perks?

Join through the link below to earn £50 cashback.


Can I automate my lending?

With RateSetter the entire system is automated, simply choose your preferred loan duration and you're ready to go.


Can I access my money early?

If you think you may need to access your money early, Ratesetter is our top pick. Simply invest your funds in Ratesetter's rolling market and you can withdraw them at any time in exchange for a slightly lower interest rate.


*Accurate as of 11/4/2017



Remember, your actual return may be higher or lower as your capital is at risk. You can reduce your risk by spreading your lending through as many different companies as possible.


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